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Divine Feminine & Sacred Sexuality

5 weeks I Online Workshop with Sacred Cacao

In this 5-week online group workshop we will embark on a journey to our divine feminine within us.
I like to call this part of us "Goddess" because this energy is identical to a Goddess!

The primal feminine, the divine feminine, your goddess – knows exactly what she wants, who she is and what she radiates.
She knows what it is like to be wild and untamable. She knows how to live her life with pleasure and how abundance manifests itself on all levels in life as an absolute magnet with the origin of the divine primal femininity.

But over the past thousands of years we have increasingly lost touch and memories of our Goddess. Now it is time to step back into her power and to acknowledge and awaken the energy of the Goddess within us and to live our divine feminine primal power again.
"For ourselves but also for the earth!"

Only when the divine feminine energy is again in balance with the divine masculine energy,
we will find peace within ourselves and on earth.

Within a powerful group energy, we meet every Thursday evening from 7pm - 9pm via zoom.

After you register, you will receive Sacred Cacao via post so that you can prepare your cacao before our Zoom call and we can do a small introductory ceremony together.
Mama Cacao helps us in a gentle way to better connect with ourselves and lovingly supports us on the way back to our primal femininity!

The following topics await you:

- Mother vs. Muse
- Radical self-empowerment
- Control and sacrifice
- Devotion and letting go
- Being a muse, being a powerful woman
- Connection to your creative power
- Manifestation and Magnetism
- Unleashing your Lilith
- Retrieving your lost sexual energy
- Strengthening our sensitivity and desire

We start on :

Diploma :

Energy balance:

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