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Are you a person who has everything on the outside, owns everything and lives in abundance, but deep down inside you are still empty and tired?

Then you are exactly right here and I welcome you

Welcome !

Life in this fast-paced era certainly leaves its marks, the hamster wheel spins ever faster! It manifests in the body, mind, and soul through symptoms.

Lack of motivation
Feeling lost

or other

physical discomfort.

And this is precisely an opportunity and a call to you. It's a wake-up call to dedicate yourself to your INNER journey to return to your own true nature. Because every symptom of "discomfort" is a clue to a deeper, often unconscious issue that seeks redemption.

The more we manage to shed the "baggage" of the past, the easier and more joyful life becomes.

  • What would life be like without pain and burdens?

  • What would life be like if you could shamelessly live your true nature?

  • Do you believe that such a life is even possible well into old age?

If yes... then you possess all the prerequisites that are important for a successful recovery.

The method of shamanic soul journeys (Soul Healing) allows us access to long-forgotten soul injuries and traumas such as: formative experiences, ancestral issues, and much more, which find peace and redemption again on the soul journeys.

you are much more than you think!

A life without pain and stress

For your inspiration &

shamanic knowledge


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Channel to inspire and motivate.

Hamster wheel


Customer voice process support

Anna Maria Macher

Business and Leadership Coach

Truthfulness, healing, reborn as goddess and priestess.

Now, after your 8 weeks of support, I know what it all means in this dimension.

You have opened up a new heart space for me in my primal essence of femininity. Your absolute truthfulness has catapulted me into free fall into infinity. Deep primal pain, indescribable grief, heartache that deeply hurt my soul and painful realizations changed into gratitude and humility, into divine knowledge and the primal essence of being a woman.

You touched this primal force in its divine essence and I was able to awaken and recognize my true life plan.

Your love touches me to the depths of my soul.

Your truth and essence radiates in an indescribable love in pure divinity.

Thank you thank you thank you ."

Here you will find all the latest news and inspiration as well as dates for seminars,
Workshops and other interesting facts.


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