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Cell regeneration
Energy field cleansing
Blockages resolution

Lying on the sound bed, I guide you back to your essence through various frequencies. For this, I mainly use the sounds of: Sound bed, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, and my voice.


You can expect:

- Pure wellness with deep relaxation

- A gentle, loving, and healing dream journey

- Harmonization of the nervous system

- Balancing of the chakras- Resolution of blockages

- A state of wholeness, a calming down into being

- More energyThe sounds can help us restore balance.


They can allow us to sink into a state of relaxed serenity and acceptance. To connect with everything that is and to draw new strength. During sound therapy, the sound waves act holistically on:


Our physical body

Our thoughts

Our emotions


Sounds touch the soul, open the mind to new impulses, and permeate our entire being down to our body cells.In this process, the gentle vibrations can not only dissolve physical and emotional blockages and harmonize our energy flow. They also enable a deep immersion and trust in life and the awareness of our thought and behavior patterns. Thus, sound therapy can act as a healing sound experience on all levels.

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Lying on the sound bed, the sounds and frequencies carry you back to yourself and connect you with your soul essence.

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