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Ansarah Barino

certified personality and life coach


Sound researcher

"I follow my heart"

Intuitive and Compassionate - Radiant and Calm - Wise and Initiated - Visionary and Courageous -

Blessed and Receiving - Nourishing and Confident

Spiritual path

about me...

Mom of 3 children, a dog mother, a sound researcher , a nature lover, a crystal collector, a flower obsessed person and an empathetic listener.


My life is guided by my heart and I am dedicated to my soul path with all its responsibilities and gifts. My passion lies in human evolution and the dramatic shift in consciousness that is having a direct impact on our planet as well as on collective systems and structures.

I support women and men in reconnecting with their original and high-vibrating soul frequency , accepting their soul-based information and living successfully with ease and abundance. Through the connection with our higher self, we can create a life full of success, vitality, strength and love and support the planetary energy field of the earth with light. My wealth of experience lies in devotion to the primal source and its healing frequencies , which holds the secret and the great healing potential for us humans to achieve our inner wholeness and to create peace, love and abundance on all levels on the outside.

My calling and experiences

2023 - today

2020 - 2022

2015 - 2017

2015 - today

2013 - 2016

2012 -2013

2012 - 2014

2011 -2012


Sound therapy

personal process support

shamanic medicine

ANANDA TRIBE – Community Events and Ceremonies


Ceremony Leader Training - Sacred Cacao Australia

Singing lessons and voice training

Learning various instruments

Lecturer at Institute Living Sense

Course: the mental happiness forge

Establishment of own practice 2015

Shamanic process support and personality development

3 year shaman path including consecrations

by Julia Cattai/ Soul Sense - Academy for Integral Consciousness

Training - Dipl. Personality & Life Coach - SCA / ECA

Institute Living Sense

2 year yoga teacher training (750 lessons) - BVY

Yoga Vidya - Germany/Switzerland

Training - Cert. Integral Coach - SCA / ECA

Institute Living Sense

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